Delicious Critter?!? Bugs as a Delicacy


Bugs as a Delicacy 300x199 Delicious Critters?!? Bugs as a DelicacyMost of us look at bugs and cringe at their creepy disposition. Did you know, however, that many cultures around the world eat bugs as a delicacy? As it turns out, not only are bugs a significant source of protein, but many scientists believe that bugs may soon become the most viable, sustainable food source in the world.

Why Bugs?!?!

While today’s Western population is accustomed to eating beef, poultry and fish as a main source of nutrition, many developing countries have been eating bugs for a long time. But why bugs? According to some entomologists, insects are extremely high in protein and B vitamins, as well as minerals such as iron and zinc. Insects are very low in fat and take up less space and resources to raise for consumption, a plus when the demand for food is high and the resources are low.

There is probably some novelty in eating bugs as a delicacy, but there’s also fear because of their disease-riddled reputation. However, when farm-raised for the purpose of human consumption (as opposed to handpicked from your back yard, which is not recommended), only about 0.5% of bugs are harmful to humans, making most of them safe to eat.

Common Delicacies

So, what kind of bugs do people eat? Below are some of the most coveted bugs and where they are most frequently enjoyed.

  • Grasshoppers in China are served in everything from skewers to rice, and it’s not a wonder why: grasshoppers are 60 percent protein and only 6 percent fat. We dare you to find a burger joint with that ratio in their food.
  • Bees and Bee Larvae in China are described as crunchy, sweet and delicious. They can be fried and eaten like popcorn chicken, or they can be cooked with soy sauce and sugar for a sweet, sweet treat!
  • Grubs in Australia are gooey and thick, but described as tasting of “almonds and cream.” You can eat them cooked or raw, depending on how you can stomach it.
  • Crickets in Cambodia are another favorite of Cambodian insect cuisine. Often fried, crunchy crickets are believed to contribute to a person’s overall well-being.
  • Spiders in Cambodia may not technically be bugs, but they are nevertheless creepy and crawly…and apparently delicious. Usually deep-fried, tarantulas and other large spiders are harvested from the ground, cooked in spices, and served crunchy.

Eating bugs as a delicacy may not yet be trending here in the United States, but it is definitely something to consider, given the potential health and environmental benefits. If you’re like most people in the United States, however, and you’re not ready to dig in to the insects in and around your home, you may want to call HomeTeam Pest Defense at 855-855-4873 or visit our website,

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