Bugs of Summer: June Bugs, Fireflies and Lightning Bugs


Fireflies 300x200 Bugs of Summer: June Bugs, Fireflies and Lightning Bugs

As the weather warms, many bugs of summer begin hatching from their underground resting chambers.  Some bugs, like the firefly, resonate warmly in most hearts as their unique twinkling is a welcomed symbol of the season.

Fireflies and Lightning Bugs

Fireflies and lightning bugs are the same insect, and are actually beetles.  These insects love moisture and spring to life when rainfall is plentiful.  They feed mostly on snail, slugs and insect larvae. Fireflies are fun to watch because they light up. A combination of an enzyme called luciferase reacts with luciferin creating the glow on the abdomen of the firefly.  The light is intermittent and it appears that each lightening bug has a unique pattern of lighting.  Researchers studying the patterns found indications that suggest the light is used for attracting mates and deterring predators.  Because lightning bugs and fireflies do not cause many problems, simply sit back and enjoy the show.

June Bugs

Other less desirable summer insects cause problems for homeowners across the country.  One of the pests that wreak havoc during the warm months is the June bug.

This seasonal pest belongs to a classification of beetle known as scarab beetles.  June bugs range from a radiant bright green to brown.  The adults burrow to lay eggs and can uproot young plants. Despite the name, June bugs begin to hatch as early as April.  The grub worms can cause significant damage to your yard or garden. They feed on the roots of plants and have been known to damage lawns and golf courses.   Unsightly patches of dead grass will form and in most cases, the owner will have no idea the problem is from the six-legged invader.

Most homeowners will notice the annoying and bothersome adults at night when the nocturnal insects try to enter the home.

Treatment of June Bugs

Just because you have a June bug buzzing around your front porch light, doesn’t mean you have an infestation. June bugs are great fliers and, like most beetles, are attracted to light at night. Keep an eye on your lawn and look for irregular shaped dry patches. Most importantly, turn your outside lights off at night so you don’t attract them.

June bugs, although occasionally a pretty, bright green, may pose harm to plants and yards.  Because of the damage that June bugs can cause, you may want to seek advice on treatment from a nursery or your lawn specialist. For more information on structural pests, such as ants or cockroaches, visit www.pestdefense.com.

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